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Trinidad and Tobago 2007 Wall Calendar

November 14, 2006

Trinidad and Tobago 2007 Wall Calendar

Sad to say, I haven't been devoting much time to recently as I've been occupied with other projects. Today I'd like to unveil one of them – my very first wall calendar.

It features 13 photos, some from and some other previously unpublished work. The calendar itself is quite lovely, it's printed on a heavier than normal card stock and the image quality is excellent.

Needless to say, I'm very excited about this project.

The calendars are available online now at my new site –

As the holiday season is just over a month away I'd like to take the opportunity to extend best wishes and greetings to everyone, especially my photoblogging friends whose sites I've been neglecting for months. Looking forward to reconnecting with you all soon.

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