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Angostura 1919 Rum

September 25, 2007

Angostura 1919 Rum

One of my earliest memories of Lord Kitchener was his appearance in an Angostura Christmas ad singing “Drink a Rum”

Fitting then, that this should be the song going through my head as I experimented with some studio shots of one of Angostura's premium rums, 1919.

To hear Angostura describe it, “1919 rum possesses a rich, golden-amber hue with excellent clarity. The rum exudes a complex bouquet brimming over with aromas of cocoa, molasses, caramel and vanilla.”

I don't have the rum connoisseur's vocabulary, but I can tell you this is an excellent sipping rum, either straight or on the rocks. Liven it up with a splash of bitters and you good to go!

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