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Sea Blast

December 29, 2006

Sea Blast

Just about every Trini is familiar with the phrase, referring to the massively corrosive effect of the coastal environment – constant windblown sand, sea salt particles and other detritus – on just about any man-made structure along the beach.

Any seaside property left to its own devices for more than a couple weeks on end will soon begin to show signs of wear, much to the chagrin of the many absentee owners for whom the beach house is a vacation home visited infrequently throughout the year.

Wrought iron, a particular favourite among local builders for its workability, is particularly suspectible to the ravages of sea blast and needs constant maintenance to be kept in good repair.

This post is also doing double duty as a welcome back from my extended hiatus and a quick update on goings-on (for those two of you who actually stop by regularly) ;)

  1. I'm engaged!
  2. Earlier this year I was invited to submit a portfolio for consideration by MEP, the publishers of Discover Trinidad & Tobago – the premier, and one of the longest-running, tourist information/guide books for T&T. As an early Christmas present this year, I learned that several of my photos are featured in the 2007 edition.
  3. This photo is the first one I've posted that was taken with my new Canon 30D. I've upgraded for two very simple reasons – spot metering and the LCD panel along the top of the body that makes it easier to review current settings without having to squint at the rear display constantly.
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