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July 01, 2005


These two adorable kittens came into my life only two weeks ago. Thrown away, abandoned in an old crocus bag outside our gate, they were so tiny and malnourished it was hard to believe they were even alive. Harder still to believe there are people heartless enough to commit such injustices against these little creatures that have absolutely nothing in the world. These same people surely sleep in warm beds every night and eat warm meals daily, “supreme beings” of this world, without an ounce of compassion for those less fortunate than them.

When we found them, both kittens could have fit comfortably in the palm of my hand, together. We took them in, fed them, gave them someplace warm and safe, cared for them and loved them.

One of the kittens was substantially bigger than the other, and unlike the heartless humans who threw them away, her size seemingly conferred a responsibility on her to care for her smaller sister. Often I would see her with one foreleg draped protectively over the smaller one, or just lying quietly, awake, while she slept snuggled against her.

Sadly the smaller kitten died on Wednesday 22nd. She was too small, too weak to survive. Her sister continued to thrive in her new home, until two days ago when she too became ill. The vet said it was probably pneumonia or some other lung infection. She died yesterday evening while I was holding her.

Though they were only here for two weeks they touched my heart and my life and I miss them dearly. But at least for those two weeks they were cared for, and loved.

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Ah, I am very sorry it ended that way. But, as you said, at least they were well cared and loved at least in the last part of their brief life, and I am sure they felt that when held in your hands.

July 3, 2005 12:56 PM, Massimo

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