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Geoff at Pelican Reef

August 26, 2003

Geoff at Pelican Reef

Pelican Reef came recommended as a must-visit on our trip to Tobago. It's a lively restaurant and bar with a strong pirate motif. The food is good if somewhat pricey, portions are generous, especially on the desserts. Unfortunately for them the positive review ends there. Our waiter for the night forgot all about us when another, larger party showed up. We waited for the better part of an hour before the “first mate” realised what was going on and rushed over full of apologies. Tip for the night: $0.00

Good thing we had the camera to keep us occupied. The restaurant's lighting resulted in a definite reddish tinge to the first couple shots (see inset), so I decided to experiment with the camera's white balance feature. Using the preset option, I took the measurement off the dinner napkin (good thing it was white). Didn't remove the redness entirely, but certainly helped mute its effect.

Oh yes, that's my brother Geoff. Not sure why he looks like he's holding his breath. I guess four seconds is a long time for some people to sit still.

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Marc, email me cause I don't have a current email for you, and just wanted to say hey, cause haven't spoken to you in a while :-)

October 7, 2005 09:41 AM, Shalina

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