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Angry Sky

August 26, 2003

Angry Sky

My first impression when I viewed this photo was “is this what hell looks like?” The combination of the harsh red sky and the denuded tree creates the impression of barrenness and desolation.

This photo is part of a series shot from my back porch one evening after a storm. It's the first time I'd ever seen the pomerac tree without leaves. Took me a while to figure out exactly which tree it was.

Posted by phototakeouter at 10:32 PM | Comments (2)

nnmmm you should water your plants the rainstorm did not work.Great colour in thr photo

August 1, 2005 03:27 PM, Chi-Chi

It really does seem hellish and exciting at the same time.

March 10, 2005 03:08 PM, Rehana

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