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Reflection of the Times

March 25, 2005

Reflection of the Times

Independence Square has always been a major centre of activity in Port of Spain. Financial services especially have embraced this location as their own, with three commercial banks having major branches on the Square. Reflected in the shiny glass exterior of this modern bank building though, is the old face of Port of Spain, Salvatori Building — one of the earliest multi-storey structures in the city. It's a sight that won't be around much longer, with demolition of Salvatori due to begin soon, no doubt to make way for another fancy new structure, full of promise for the future.

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Hey, I used to work there! :) And when I would go to lunch I'd cross the road from Salvatori building because I was afraid that things would fall off the old building and unto my head (ok, I know that's weird).

April 24, 2005 12:21 PM, Ana

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