Through The Lens, Trinidad & Tobago


February 08, 2004


I'd heard of this restaurant, but never patronised it. Nor even noticed it despite my fairly regular trips to the Oval. Somewhat surprising, considering the truly “Caribbean” paint job on the exterior.

I'm somewhat ambivalent about this photo. It's an eye catching image with the towering palms, but at the same time these palms detract from the main focus of the photo — the building. I'm also not keen about the shadow cast onto the lower roof by the main structure. Shooting later in the day when the sun would have been behind me would have remedied that. Something I'll keep in mind for next time.

I also experimented with converting this photo to black and white, using the Channel Mixer with a strong bias to the red channel, to emphasise the sky and create a sharp contrasty image. View the black and white version.

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I much prefer black & white photos, they are more artistic and allows you to concentrate on the details so that you can really see the beauty of the object/scene/person.

April 13, 2005 10:28 PM, Ana

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