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Culinary Doyennes

October 15, 2003

Culinary Doyennes

Probably the worst kept secret in Tobago. But in this case it's none the worse for the telling. Ask anyone what the island is best known for and I guarantee, crab and dumplings on Store Bay will be in the top three.

Nestled at the back of the beach facilities at Store Bay, these kitchens house some of Tobago's finest cooks who daily prepare a variety of local eats and drinks.

Foremost among these is the local sea crab which is richly curried, and served with healthy portions of dumplings. Some tips to properly appreciate this meal:

  • budget at least an hour or two,
  • discard the flimsy plastic fork and dig in with your fingers,
  • show no shame or remorse about licking aforementioned curry-stained fingers,
  • plan for a post-meal siesta!
  • On a more photographic note, rather than taking a straight, conventional photo of the buildings, I got the reflection off one of the tables in the adjacent eating pavilion. And on a note of personal preference, Miss Esmie's curried crab is unbelievable. And so are those amazingly delicious, filling coconut drops. Oh and the punches — meals in themselves. You're in good hands at Miss Esmie's!

    Posted by phototakeouter at 01:18 AM | Comments (3)

    great shot with the reflection on the table, I thought it was a pool of water

    January 19, 2005 09:16 AM, Nick

    btw i now see what u mean and yes i remember when they had the old shops there and not these concrete ones

    October 16, 2003 12:48 AM, Marissa

    boss yuh killing meh here...too much details on what i missing at home

    October 16, 2003 12:46 AM, Marissa

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