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Courland Architecture

June 30, 2005

Courland Architecture

During our visit to Fort James in Plymouth we took a brief sidetrip to see the oft-lauded Courland Monument. Perhaps it was the rather dull 2pm lighting, but it just didn't seem particularly impressive to me.

However, just before the monument was a lovely old wooden house, built on blocks not unlike the chattel houses in Barbados. I wouldn't be surprised if this one could be lifted up and moved to another location too.

The house was abandoned and boarded up, but very well preserved and seemingly freshly painted. This is a side view, showing another outhouse in the background. The jalousied shutter is a common feature of Caribbean architecture.

On a travel guide note, to get to the Courland Monument, simply take the second turn on your right when leaving Fort James. It's tucked away in an open field at the end of a short road, directly opposite the Plymouth Health Centre.

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