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72 Abercromby Street

March 30, 2005

72 Abercromby Street

In 1962, on August 31st, Trinidad and Tobago gained its Independence from Britain.

In 1962, on August 26th, John Newel Lewis, writing in the Independence Supplement published by the Trinidad Guardian said, You can tell which are the old buildings in Trinidad because they usually look old and dilapidated. Newell Lewis was a local architect of some renown.

In 1962, this building was probably the home of a well off, if not wealthy family.

Today it is just another old and dilapidated building in Port of Spain. Perhaps 'prompt and efficient service' count for nought any more. Clearly Newell Lewis' exhortation has fallen on deaf ears. After 43 years of Independence we are showing our patent inability to care for ourselves.

Wake up Trinidad and Tobago! Where is our pride in ourselves?

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